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ValueVillageListens – Value Village uses an online customer feedback survey to enhance customer service across all of its retail locations. Furthermore, as a way to say “thank you”


Discount coupons from Value Village will be given to respondents of the survey. These are the measures you should take if you want to get one.

Value Village Customer Satisfaction Survey completion shouldn’t take longer than five minutes.

As a result, you must be informed of the survey’s limitations and needs in advance in addition to the instructions.

If you would like to take part in the Value Village Customer Survey and are worried about saving money or not wasting money on clothes.

Value Village is a used retail store where you can shop in exchange for prizes. If you still wish to go shopping even though you have a tight budget.

You might find the Value Village Listens survey useful. There are also a number of amazing Value Village gift coupons up for grabs.

You may also use the Value Village feedback system to encourage your friends and family to shop at Value Villages.


Instructions for Filling out the Value Village Questionnaire

Go to to access the Value Village Customer Satisfaction survey. Select the “gift card” option if your survey invitation came in the form of a gift card.

Date (4 digits) and customer code (19 digits) from the donation card or receipt. Based on your most recent buying experience, kindly answer all questions honestly.

Please indicate your level of satisfaction with various shop features if prompted. You can go into further detail about your recommendations and worries in the last comments area.

or recommended modifications. To participate in the Value Village Customer Satisfaction Survey, provide your name, phone number, and email address.

Gains and Prizes Reward

Customers who have made purchases at a Value Village store in the recent past will be selected as winners.


ValueVillageListens Survey Rules

  • Participation in the survey requires that you be at least 18 years old. Only one of the offered prizes can be won by each submission.
  • Duplicate submissions will be disregarded since a single purchase order may be counted. For every phone number and email address, there can only be one listed contact.
  • No employee or acquaintance of an employee may participate in the survey.
  • For the offer to be valid, the survey must be completed no later than ninety-nine days following your most recent visit to the establishment.
  • This customer satisfaction survey can only be completed by those who have shopped at Value Village stores.
  • For the purpose of participating in the Value Village customer satisfaction survey, you must have a portable electronic device, such as a laptop, desktop, or smartphone.
  • To ensure that you can complete the survey without interruption, you should make sure you have a reliable internet connection.
  • For the purpose of using the Value Village Survey website, kindly utilize one of the suggested browsers (Chrome, Safari, Edge).
  • Please have your name and email address ready, along with the specifics of your most recent Value Village visit (day, time, and store).It is also necessary to have the Customer code, which is printed at the bottom of your receipt.

What You Need to Know About Value Village?

In the Mission District of San Francisco, Value Village Inc. first set up shop as a charity in a remodeled movie theater in 1954.

At Value Village, shoppers might find the deals they were looking for—even those that made them go more bonkers than Elvis Presley’s hip thrust.


By taking part in Value Village Listens, you can receive a coupon for a discount on your subsequent visit. Kindly read and adhere to the directions.

carefully to guarantee that the survey is completed successfully. You can leave your comments about this content in the section below.

ValueVillageListens Survey of FAQ

  • Question – Could you please explain how to participate in the Value Village survey?

Answer – You can finish the survey by visiting and inputting the Value Village survey code.

  • Question – What do you think the Value Village Survey will teach you?

Answer – Upon completing the Value Village Survey, you will be qualified to get a coupon.

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