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Taking the TellCaribou Customer Satisfaction Survey is a great way to get better service from Caribou Coffee in the future.


Your opinion is important, and by giving it, you can help Caribou Coffee make its products, customers, and surroundings better as a whole. We value and urge you to be honest in our survey, even if your most recent visit did not meet your expectations.

At, you can find this short study that is meant to be easy to use and won’t take much of your time. By entering the unique code from your ticket, you can answer questions about your experience, such as how good the coffee and food were, how clean the place was, how fast the service was, and how friendly the staff was. All of the answers are meant to make your future experiences better and more unique.

In addition, the poll often gives rewards like discounts or chances to win bigger prizes as a way of saying thanks for your time and opinion. Remember that by telling others about your experiences, you not only make other coffee drinkers’ trips better, but also your own. Take part right now to use your voice to help make big changes!


About Caribou Coffee

The well-known American coffee shop chain Caribou Coffee serves a wide range of foods and drinks, including coffee and espresso drinks, teas, breakfast and bakery items, and more.

The company was started in 1992 by John and Kim Puckett, who were inspired by the great coffee they had in Alaska’s Denali National Park — hence the name “Caribou.”

The company loves making delicious drinks by hand and making its coffee shops feel like homey, cozy places to hang out. They only use the best beans to make the specialty coffees that have become associated with their name.

Caribou Coffee is committed to being sustainable and caring for the earth. They promise to only buy Rainforest Alliance Certified coffee beans and tea leaves in order to protect the environment, promote sustainable livelihoods, and make the workplace better for their workers.

The company Caribou Coffee has grown a lot over the years and can now be found in hundreds of places in the US and many other countries. Even though the business is growing, it is still dedicated to quality, the local community, and the friendly setting of the coffeehouse that made it famous in the first place.

In addition to its shops, Caribou Coffee sells its goods online and in grocery stores. This means that coffee lovers can get them from almost anywhere.

TellCaribou Survey Rules and Requirements 

  • Customers usually need a recent Caribou Coffee receipt because it has the survey code they need to take the online poll.
  • Most of the time, people who want to take the survey must be at least 18 years old.
  • The survey may only be available to people who legally live in the US or in certain places where the brand does business.
  • Customers usually have a certain amount of time after their visit to fill out the survey. This time limit should be written on the ticket.
  • People who work at Caribou Coffee, their family members, or anyone else who is directly connected with the company usually can’t take the poll.
  • The survey code on most receipts can only be used once to enter an online poll.
  • If there are prizes, sweepstakes, or discounts as part of the poll, there are usually rules that must be followed. For example, winners may not be able to give the prizes to anyone else, and they may have to pay any taxes or fees that come with them.
  • To take the online poll, people must have a computer, tablet, or smartphone that can connect to the internet.
  • The survey is usually only available in English, but it can also be found in one or more other languages. People who want to take it need to be able to speak and understand English.

How to Fill Out the Caribou Coffee Survey

  • Make sure you have a recent Caribou Coffee receipt on hand before you begin. You’ll need the information on it to enter the poll. Make sure you have something that can connect to the internet, like a computer, smartphone, or tablet.
  • Go to in your web browser to take the poll.
  • You can find the survey code on your receipt and put it on the website where it says to do so. The receipt may also need to have other information on it, like the store number or the date and time of your stay.
  • You can start the survey after you’ve filled in all the necessary information. You will probably be asked a lot of questions about your most recent visit to Caribou Coffee. These could be about the quality of the food and coffee, how clean the store was, how friendly the staff was, and other things.
  • As you answer each question, give comments based on what you’ve learned recently. This is important: be honest and give specifics in your comments.
  • After you answer all the questions, you may be asked to give some personal information, like your name and contact information, if the poll has a sweepstakes or if you will get a reward or discount for taking part. Fill in the information asked for.
  • If the poll has a reward, you might get a validation code after you send it in. Record it on the bill or somewhere safe. To use the deal, you’ll need to bring this code with you the next time you go to Caribou Coffee.
  • If there is a sweepstakes with the poll, make sure you read the rules to find out how to enter, when the drawings will happen, and what the prize is.

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Surveys like “TellCaribou” are important for businesses like Caribou Coffee to improve the whole customer experience as well as the goods and services they offer.

People who fill out these polls can talk to the company directly about their thoughts, complaints, and ideas. The company can then use this useful information to better make its services fit the needs and tastes of its customers.

People who take the survey usually think it’s easy and quick. It gives them a chance to say what they think and, based on how the survey is set up, a chance to win prizes like discounts, free stuff, or entries into contests. This makes things better for both the business and its customers, which encourages participation and a feeling of belonging.

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