– Win $500 Cash Back – Tell Jamba Survey – You’ve been eating healthily, you know a lot about the Jamba Juice Center, and you frequently visit the store to delight yourself.

However, now that you are a regular client of Jamba, you have indicated a few adjustments that are necessary to improve your experience on your subsequent visit.

Jamba Juice is a well-known health food store that offers the greatest services; but, in order to improve and grow, they would like to have a broad sense of how their consumers are feeling about them.

Because of this, they conduct customer satisfaction surveys via their survey portal, which is open to any client who has ever visited Jamba and has a copy of their most recent invoice.

and take home thrilling rewards. Click the Jamba Website link at to get involved.

You are here to support the team in overcoming its weaknesses and to address your level of satisfaction; this might be intriguing since participating in the survey will benefit you as well.

About the Jamba Juice Guest Survey

Established in 1990, this American chain enterprise has over 875 sites across the country. The Jamba Juice firm was founded by Kirk Perron and is currently based in Frisco, Texas.

Jamba Juice Survey Prizes And Rewards

After visiting Jamba Juice, you became aware of the survey that is being carried out and heard that there will be prizes for those who participate.

Because you are eager to participate in the survey and because you have a lot to share, you also want to know what prizes you will receive at the conclusion of it.

The advantages you will receive after completing the questionnaire have been indicated.

On behalf of the company, you will receive an award and discover that you are eligible to participate in the sweepstakes competition and win prizes.

They guarantee a prize of $5,500 in 11 months. You can also obtain and use coupons and receive a $500 gift card for yourself.

Jamba Juice Survey Rules and Regulations

The guidelines are simple to follow, but in order to participate in the survey, each applicant must fulfill a set of requirements. The guidelines are as follows:

  • The minimum age requirement for all participants is eighteen years old.
  • To finish the survey, you must be a resident of the United States of America and have proof of residency.
  • You need to have a reliable internet connection with technical support in order to participate in the online survey that is available to you.
  • The questionnaire section cannot be started without a verification code. In any case, the invoice you have received is everything you require.
  • You may also think about entering the survey in offline mode in order to win prizes.

How to take part in the Survey?

The survey only takes five to ten minutes to complete and has simple steps. But for your convenience and simplicity, you have to do so by following the specified procedures in this article.

The procedures that each applicant must adhere to for the online survey method are as follows:

  • Get prizes by clicking on the Jamba Juice official website,
  • You will be taken to a new homepage with information on the guidelines and policies of the survey.
  • Fill in the Jamba hostname in the third step.
  • Start the survey by entering the verification code that appears on the receipt.
  • You will be questioned extensively regarding your preference for Jamba Juice, your wishes for the near future, and how satisfied you are overall.
  • You can now participate in the Jamba sweepstakes by filling out the survey with your personal details.


You must read the article, become familiar with the guidelines, respond to a number of frequently asked questions, and complete the survey in order to maximize your chances of winning prizes. Survey of FAQ

  • Question – The webpage where you can complete the survey.

Answer – jamba.tell

  • Question – Age restriction to finish the survey.

Answer – 18 years old.

  • Question – By the time the survey ends, what reward will I receive?

Answer – $500

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