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Searsfeedback – How are you? Are you from the US and want to know about the Sears poll? Good job! Why don’t you stay here and learn all about the survey? The specifics of the prizes will be talked about later in this blog! Keep an eye on things.


How to Take Part in the Sears Feedback Survey

  • To start, you need to go to Sears with one item and the receipt ready.
  • You need the receipt because it has the poll code on it.
  • To fill out the poll, go to, which is the official site.
  • There, you’ll be asked to choose between English and Spanish as the language you want to use.
  • Press the button next to First type in the 12-digit customer code. Then type in the date of purchase that is written on the ticket.
  • When you click “Next,” questions about your last trip to the shop will show up on the screen. You have to be honest with all of the questions and rate some of them.
  • Once you’re done with all the questions, click “Next” to end the poll.
  • To enter the lucky draw for prizes, you will be asked to enter your personal information at the end.
  • Enter your information, like your email address, phone number, age, etc., to enter the Sears Feedback Sweepstakes.
  • You will get a proof code that lets you know you are now part of the process of getting rewards.

How to Use Terms and Conditions

  • People who live in one of the 50 United States or the District of Columbia can fill out the poll.
  • Know how to get by in either Spanish or English.
  • To access the website and fill out the survey, you need a computer, laptop, or other electronic device with a stable internet link.
  • Everyone who wants to take the poll must be at least 18 years old.
  • You will need the code from your receipt to be able to give the poll.
  • You have to buy the item because you need the ticket.
  • The receipt must be from not long ago.
  • You and your family members who work for the company are not allowed to take the poll.
  • For rewards, there is no other way to swap them.

Introduction to the Sears Feedback Survey

You can fill out the survey that the company is legally setting up to get feedback from its customers. Here I am, and this blog is where I will give you all the information you need to take the poll.

This blog post is about the survey. I will explain how to take the survey, what the rewards and perks are, as well as the terms and conditions of the survey and the company itself.

I forgot to ask how your day went. Allow us to save your time by going straight to the question since you’re here to learn about it.

Those of you who live in the US must have heard of Sears Shop, right? Cool! So this poll is an official way for them to get feedback and ratings from people who buy from them often.

Since a poll does help a lot with making things better, a positive answer motivates the business, and a negative answer helps the business make changes for the better.

Because you’re taking the time to fill out a poll that the company is running, as a way of saying thanks and encouraging you, the store does give rewards to customers who have done so. Rewards and Perks

Because filling out the poll takes time and work on your part. There are also some rewards set up for everyone who takes part. Every month, Sears gives people a chance to win a $500 gift card..

Since the deal is so good, why not fill out the poll and enter to win this great prize? The prize is pretty cool if you win it, so why not take the poll and get the prizes?

But don’t give up because you think it’s just a lucky draw; you never know when you’ll be the lucky customer who wins the prize.

Now that I’ve told you how to take the survey and what the prize is, I’ll talk about the rules and regulations of the survey to make it easier for you to do so.


About the Sears Company

There is an American store company called Sears. But most people just call it “Sears.” The company’s full name is Sears, Roebuck, and Co.

A. Alvah Curtis Roebuck and Richard Warren Sears start the business. The first Sears store opened in 1892.

The main office of the business is in Hoffman Estates, Illinois, USA. It sells clothes, shoes, bedding, furniture, jewelry, beauty products, home goods, toys, electronics, and more. To find out more about the business, go to, which is the website for the business.

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You’re already here? You should now have a good idea of all the steps, requirements, benefits, and other details you need to know in order to take the poll if you read the whole blog post carefully.

This blog post that I wrote after doing a lot of study should answer all of your questions. In case you still have any doubts or questions. Fill out the comment box and let me know if you need help with it. I’ll be happy to help.

To get the prize, I want you to be the customer who locks the door. Have a good day until then Have a nice day! Thanks for coming to this.

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