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MyLongJohnSilversExperience – Long John Silvers has started a survey at to find out how happy its regular customers are.


Customers are being asked to talk about their time at Long John Silvers in this MyLongJohnSilversExperience poll. They get a free Validation Code in return.

This post will help you figure out how the internet works. What I Know About Long John Silvers. Get good comments from Long John Silver, and you’ll win the prize.

To fill out Long John Silver’s online poll, read this post. Just be honest, and you’ll get a coupon code that you can use to get the deal.

This is an American fast food company called Long John Silver’s LLC. It used to be called Long John Silver’s Seafood Shop and is sometimes called JLS.


Long John Silver’s Survey Details

You can get a coupon for FREE Fish & Fries at Long John Silver’s on your next visit if you fill out the survey at The prizes are different, so check your receipt.

I must’ve bought it before. Make sure you have the most recent receipt and an offer to the MyLongJohnSilversExperience survey.

The ticket is good for 14 days from the date it was issued. You can use it for sixty days.

Time To Complete3-5 Minutes
Coupon Valid For60 Day
Survey RewardCoupon For Free Fish And Fries
Receipt Valid For14 Days

MyLongJohnSilversExperience Survey Tricks And Tips

  • Take note of the verification code on your ticket in order to use the coupon.
  • Not a single offer to the poll? Get a drink there and keep the ticket. You have now been given a valid invitation to take the poll.
  • Each person can only get one free discount code per visit.
  • As many times as you want, you can fill out the survey and get your free ticket. All you need is an invitation to the study that works.

Long John Silver’s Survey Reward

Long John Silvers wants to show their thanks by giving you some fun gifts. Take this chance to fill out the Long John Silver’s Survey.

You’ll get a coupon code for a free two-piece fish meal, fries, or chips when you finish this question.

MyLongJohnSilversExperience Survey Rules And Requirements

Click on the links below to see what you need to do to take the Long John Silvers Customer Survey.

  • People must be at least 18 years old to fill out the poll.
  • We need a correct ticket from Long John Silver’s Restaurant.
  • You will need one laptop, PC, or smartphone that can connect to the internet quickly.
  • What you need to know about how to speak English or Spanish.
  • The deal is only good for one person per visit.
  • You have seven days from the date of receipt to take the review.
  • The coupon can be used for 60 days after the study is over.
  • There are different offers that can’t be changed for money or other things.

Step By Step MyLongJohnSilversExperience Survey

You can take the survey if you meet the requirements above and agree to follow the rules.

  • You have to go to, which is the Long John Silvers Survey Site, to fill out the Survey.
  • You can pick English or Spanish. Change one language to the one you like best.
  • Find the Shop Number and Ticket Number on the top of your ticket and enter them.
  • Press the START button.
  • Now, the date and time of your stay must be on the ticket.
  • To begin the poll, click NEXT.
  • Now that the study has begun Rate your level of happiness with your life on a scale from happy to unhappy.
  • Tell the truth about all the review questions based on how involved you were with your last visit.
  • What the person wants, the food, how helpful the staff is, how the client management works, the atmosphere, and everything else are all asked about in most questionnaires.
  • Press the NEXT button.
  • You’ll get your Free Discount Code when you finish the poll. Keep it and bring it the next time you go to Long John Silvers.

Take By Online

  • You should go to
  • Type the shop number from the top of the receipt into the first box.
  • Type the ticket number from the top of the paper into the second box. Press “Start.”
  • Answer the questions and rate your experience. These will ask if you will come back, if you will tell others, how the food was, how the staff did, and if you will come back. They’ll also ask if something is wrong. If you say “Yes,” they will send you a message where you can give more information.
  • Write the code they give you on your ticket to get your money back.

About MyLongJohnSilversExperience Survey

There are several fast food chains called Long John Silver’s that serve fish. In 1969, the business began in Kentucky.

The name of the chain comes from a well-known figure in Treasure Island. When the bars were part of Yum! Brands, they were called “chains.” But in 2011, they became their own businesses.

An ocean theme runs through most Long John Silver’s restaurants. The first ones had a more pirate-themed look. There are now about 1,100 places in the area.

They have shrimp, fish, clams, chicken bits, and different sides like corn, coleslaw, and hush puppies.


That’s all people have to do to finish the poll. Then, if you talk about your favorite place, you might get a free fish. It looks great.

If you liked this story and thought it was helpful, please like it, share it, and let other people know about this survey. Tell us what you think about their tasty fish and what you usually order when you go there.

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