How Do You Say Pizza in Spanish

Decifrando la Pizza: How to Say “Pizza” in Spanish

As one of the world’s most beloved foods, pizza instantly conjures mouthwatering images of steaming hot, cheese-smothered slices. But when craving pizza in a Spanish-speaking country or talking pizza with Spanish-speaking friends, how exactly do you say “pizza” in Spanish?

In this guide, we’ll cover the basics of translating “pizza” including key vocabulary, sample phrases, regional variations, and tips for ordering in Spanish. We’ll also highlight the popularity of pizza across the Spanish-speaking world. ¡Vamos a aprender!

The Word “Pizza” in Spanish The basic Spanish translation for “pizza” is:

Pizza (pee-sa)

This is an unmodified loan word taken directly from Italian. The singular and plural forms are the same. Some examples:

  • Me gusta la pizza – I like pizza
  • La pizza es my favorita – Pizza is my favorite
  • Ordenamos dos pizzas – We ordered two pizzas

Fun fact: Spanish speakers also recognize the English word “pizza” from American pop culture influence. But “pizza” is most common.

Key Pizza Vocabulary in Spanish Here are some other helpful pizza terms in Spanish:

  • Queso – Cheese
  • Salsa – Sauce
  • Masa – Dough
  • Rodaja – Slice
  • Entera – Whole
  • Ingredientes – Ingredients
  • Cocer – To bake

You can combine these to describe pizza:

  • Pizza de queso – Cheese pizza
  • Rodaja de pizza – Slice of pizza
  • Pizza con mucho queso – Pizza with lots of cheese

And request what you want:

  • Una pizza entera con pepperoni – A whole pepperoni pizza
  • Dos rebanadas de pizza de bacon – Two slices of bacon pizza

Handy Phrases for Pizza in Spanish Here are some handy Spanish phrases for ordering and discussing pizza:

  • Quiero una pizza – I want a pizza
  • Voy a pedir una pizza – I’m going to order a pizza
  • ¿Qué ingredientes tiene esta pizza? – What ingredients are on this pizza?
  • Esta pizza tiene champiñones – This pizza has mushrooms
  • ¿Puedo tener más queso? – Can I get extra cheese?
  • La pizza está muy caliente y deliciosa! – The pizza is very hot and delicious!

These phrases help you get the perfect pizza and express what you like.

Regional Variations for “Pizza” in Spanish In a few Spanish-speaking regions, you may encounter local words used for pizza:

Spain: Some use the word “pisa” instead of “pizza.” Both are understood.

Cuba: They often say “pisa” or “piza” for pizza.

Argentina: “Pizza” is common, but some also say “muzzarella” based on the cheese.

Overall, “pizza” is widely understood across the Spanish-speaking world. But be aware of some local differences.

Tips for Ordering Pizza in Spanish To easily order pizza in Spanish:

  • Look up the Spanish name for your favorite toppings
  • Know key phrases like quiero (I want), con (with), sin (without)
  • Ask for recommendations: ¿Qué pizza me recomienda?
  • Specify if you want the whole pie or by the slice
  • Ask for extra ingredients like más queso (more cheese)
  • Thank the staff: Gracias, la pizza está muy rica!

With just a few key words and phrases, you can get the perfect pizza in Spanish anywhere!

The Popularity of Pizza in Spanish-Speaking Countries Pizza is beloved across the Spanish-speaking world. Local pizzerias can be found in:

  • Mexico
  • Colombia
  • Argentina
  • Peru
  • Venezuela
  • Spain
  • Costa Rica
  • Ecuador

Many global and American pizza chains like Domino’s and Pizza Hut thrive in these countries as well. Pizza has become a global food phenomenon, and Spanish speakers also have many unique local twists.

In Summary: Requesting Pizza in Spanish To review, here are key tips for how to say “pizza” in Spanish:

  • The basic word is “pizza” (pee-sa)
  • Know toppings and other vocabulary
  • Use helpful phrases for ordering/enjoying
  • Be aware of some regional variations
  • Pizza is popular across the Spanish-speaking world!

Now you have the tools to get deliciosa pizza anywhere Spanish is spoken! Hungry for more? ¡Practique más español de pizza!